Arguably, the most important aspect of a vehicle is the design. Simply, if a vehicle wrap design is not well suited to your brand, product and company image, it will not produce the result you intended. While fleet branding wrap design is certainly based on consistency among the fleet, the design itself is the single most significant element of the project.


As you continue your research to find the right vehicle wrap design team, you should consider the factors that most affect the final look of your wrapped vehicle. The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a designer is picking someone with experience in vehicle wrap design. Your regular graphic designer might do great work, but if he or she hasn't had experience with the particular quirks of vehicle wrap design, your wrap might turn out beautiful on paper and awful on the actual car. Professional wrap designers know how to avoid mistakes like placing faces over door handles or cutting off important information. Just think of your favorite sports car. All those nooks, crannies and curves have to be taken into careful account when designing the right wrap for your fleet.


Most vehicle wrap designs are created using templates. There are templates available for most makes and models of vehicle, but if your vehicle is customized, let your designer stop by to take measurements so he or she can create their own template. Using a design template can help the designer with layout and give you a better idea of what the finished vehicle will look like. Most importantly, the template acts as a guideline for placement of the graphics. If you aren’t sure about where a graphical element should be placed, you can see it multiple ways before deciding.


Another thing to keep in mind about wrap design is to make sure that your graphics are created in a vector based program. Simply put, vector graphics allow designers to scale your design without losing clarity of the images. This means when we scale up your graphics for large format printing, they won't be blurry or distorted. While any vector based graphics program will do the job, at Silsby Media we prefer Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.


When it comes to the actual design of your vehicle wrap, remember that your artwork needs to be read at a variety of speeds and distances. You want something that is easy to understand and visually pleasing whether your vehicle is parked or zipping down the highway.

Wrap designs come in three styles; full, partial, and custom decals or lettering. A full wrap covers the car from bumper to bumper and allows your designer the most possible space for large graphics and text. Windows and roofs are optional in full wraps. A partial wrap uses less vinyl but can create a similar amount of visibility. Partial wraps typically involve only wrapping the sides or rear of your vehicle and are a great way to unify multiple vehicles in fleet branding. Custom lettering and decals are the least expensive method of adding branding to your vehicle. Just because lettering and decals tend to be simple doesn't mean that they can't be creative. Think about using an unusual, er, readable, font or mascot decal to stand out. Most importantly, we point out the three styles so you can know where to start with your wrap designer. If you have a shoestring budget, decals are usually the best option. However, for a billboard on wheels, or fleet of billboards, start with a full wrap design, then scale down. You’ll be surprised how awesome the right design looks.

: Keep your messages direct and simple. The more information, the less people will remember.

: Use big, easy to read text. Script font is very pretty…on wedding invitations…but barely readable on a vehicle.

: Choose a simple color scheme that's eye-catching, not eye-clashing. Even neon can look great when kept simple.

: Avoid placing major design elements like logos or words around major curves or molding on the vehicle.

: Keep in mind where the seams of the vinyl will fall. A professional installer will do everything he or she can to make the seams look invisible, but it all starts with the design. If you aren’t sure, ask for a pre-installation review so you know exactly what to expect.


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